Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Bestie! And a new necklace!

Hello All!

  First and foremost I would like to say thanks again to all of my followers! Hope everyone is trying to get into this new giveway! Yah!
  Anyway! One of my best friends, Nashondra had a birthday dinner for her 23rd B-day. We had so much fun at Fridays! I had to show you all a new necklace I just purchased for 3 bucks at Dots! I would have done a OOTN, however, my photographer was too cold and took bad pictures (its Michigan you'll). So I just decided to broadcast my necklace in stead!

Much Love and God Bless!



jeweleyes3 said...

I want it! Very cute.

Ashley said...

Love it! And for $3? You can't beat that. I'm sucker for accessories :)

Thick-tionaria said...

gorgeous necklace!!!

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