Saturday, November 12, 2011

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review!

Hello All!
 For the past couple of weeks I have been trying out the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, and I must say, it works like a dream! I bought it for $13.99 at my local Pharmacy and ever since my skin has been looking flawless! I really do not have what you would call "bad skin," however, this makeup allows my skin to pop, especially in photos. People have to ask if I have on makeup because it looks so natural. Almost as if it is airbrushed!  It lasts me about 10- 12 hours. I guess you can say that I am satisfied! Would recommend this to anyone!

Much Love and God Bless!


Olayemi Alaba said...

OH WOW... this pic is lovely i can see what you defo lives up to its name

i have bin watching a lot of reviews lately on if to purchase it but this is beautiful, the prob is they done have my shade i have to get cappuccino and caramel and mix to get my colour but im still goin to get it.. it blends naturally on my skin love it

bute pic

Febeh said...

wow yours cost 13.99 i thought mine was expensive at 11.99..lls
Well i love this foundation as well. Except i have oily skin so it doesnt last as long but i still love it..
Great review

Darling Doyin said...

looks lovely. Ive heard many youtubers go on about this product so i will DEF need to try it! especially if it stays flawless for that long.

Thanks for following and the review :). Im following, especially because your promoting Christ!


Darling Doyin

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