Monday, March 26, 2012

GUEST POST:Fashion, Beauty and Makeup Can Improve a Woman's Life

By: Jackie Clark

Women know when they feel the most confident and the most empowered. Most of the time, it is directly related to something she was wearing or how good she felt she looked at that time. In fact, clothes, fashion and makeup can play such a vital role in the lives of women that they can actually make her feel fabulous in virtually any situation.

A woman who feels nervous about a presentation at work will most likely feel more confident when she is looking her best. By donning a power suit and perfecting her hair and makeup, she can walk into that conference room and feel powerful and confident enough to rock her presentation. It is very similar to the way a woman feels on her wedding day. Mentally she knows that she is the most beautiful woman in the room because she has her dream dress on, her hair perfected and flawless makeup. Every woman on a smaller scale can have this same feeling everyday if they just take the time to extenuate all the wonderful attributes they already have through fashion and makeup.

However when a woman is having perhaps not having a great day regardless of what the circumstance may enduring, by going shopping, getting her hair done or going to the salon for a manicure and pedicure can turn her attitude around. Even a new tube of lip-gloss can drastically improve a woman’s mood because once she applies that shimmery look; a part of her will feel more fabulous about herself.

Just like beauty, fashion and makeup can make a woman’s mood skyrocket in any given moment, a cancer diagnosis can make it sink faster than anything else. Hearing a doctor inform her that she has been diagnosed with a rare form of mesothelioma cancer can make a woman feel worse than anything that has ever happened in her life. This is perfectly normal: however, a woman should deal with her negative emotions and come to term with her diagnosis because her prognosis depends greatly on her quality of life. The more positive outlook a woman has throughout her disease, the better the chance she has of overcoming the cancer.

Perhaps the easiest way a woman can improve her quality of life is to lift her confidence up by making her feel more positive and powerful about herself from head to toe. A manicure and a pedicure will go a long way, but they will go even farther when paired with a great dress or perfect jeans to show off your legs, a gorgeous pair of designer shoes to make you look more feminine or amazing accessories to highlight your features.

Mineral makeup
is also a great tool to utilize because it not only is good for the environment; it is also good for a woman’s skin. The perfect outfit paired with the right accessories and a touch of makeup to accentuate a woman’s best features, such as big, beautiful eyes or high cheekbones can make a woman feel beautiful, despite her cancer diagnosis. When she looks in the mirror and sees her gorgeous reflection staring back out at her, she is going to feel her confidence level rise and her quality of life with automatically improve.

There is no better way to deal with any type of cancer treatment than with a positive outlook that can only be helped by feeling gorgeous and beautiful. Don’t let any of life’s adversities take away from the gorgeous woman you are. Makeup and fashion can help a woman feel empowered and sexy in a matter of minutes, so take the time and have fun with cosmetics and live a beautiful life inside and out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Breaks You Out?

Hello All!
  I was just reading this months issue of Glamour Magazine and came across the beauty section which talked about clear skin! Everyone loves clear skin, however, many of us do not know why we can't have it. Skin breakouts are caused by a variety of factors and I am going to list a few for you all riiiiight now!

1)Prescription Drugs: SOMETIME- "Some anti depressants and ADHD medications list acne as potential side effects".

2)Dairy: MAYBE - "Thought to trigger high levels of growth factor called IGF-1)" Try soy milk! Yum!

3)Your Phone: YES - "A phone can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean it regularly"

4)Stress: NOT REALLY - " Stress alone probably isn't enough to cause acne, but it can make those who are predisposed to pimples flare up."

5)Your Cranky Stomach: YES- " If you have irritable bowel syndrome or a frequently upset stomach, see a gastroenterologist-your skin could clear up too."

6)Makeup: YES- "Look for the words noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic"

7)Trans Fat: YES- "Known to trigger inflammation, which can cause breakouts."

8) Chocolate: JURY'S OUT-" Resent data suggest the culprit is not cocoa but sugar. Go for dark chocolate; it's less sweetened.


Much Love and God Bless!

Burn Rubber and New Balance Release Party!

Hello All!
  Last Sunday I was invited to the release of a new sneaker released by the Burn Rubber Boutique and New Balance. It was a nice atmosphere and the owners Rick and Roland where sweethearts! The shoe is awesome and it is great for people in the workforce! If you like to kick off the heels and go for a walk around the building or just to be comfortable, this is the perfect shoe for you!  The Burn Rubber Boutique is located  at 202 W 4th St. in Royal Oak Michigan. The shoe is now available for purchase HERE

The Sneaker! 

The co owner's (Roland) Dad with his new sneaker

Roland (left) Rick (right)

 On my way to the Release Party (All smiles) 

The party was put together by Teiara Harris of Love Publicity! Teiara did such a great job! Check out her website HERE

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Eye Make up Remover!

Hello Guys!

  I had a problem a while back. My little niece came into my room and poured out my eye make up remover! I did not know what to do because I do wear waterproof mascara (which is hard to get off!), eyeshadow and eyeliner. I called my friend in a rampage because water and soup just was not getting in off. He recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
  Before I started my nightly face regimen I took a small amount of EVOO, and saturated a cotton ball with it. I proceeded to wipe my eyes of the makeup that had been on my eyes for hours! And guess what????? It came off! Yay!!!!!! This method of make up eye removing worked for me. It was effortless and aided in nice and clean eyes for bed.
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