Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello Ladies and Gents!
   I have been thinking about a little venture that I may be starting on CGC. I want to start a little resale shop. I know I know kind of (that's on every blog.) But with this I will have have different silhouettes, sizes, and I may add or subtract certain things from the garments if need be. Be looking out for this at the end of June! I really want to build the blog, and the CGC name and I think that this  new venture will help out a lot!
Much Love and God Bless!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Hair Prayer! Tracee Eliis Ross

Hello All!

  As some may know from my pasts post, I am natural!!! I have been natural for the past year and a half and I am loving it! My inspiration is no other than Tracec Ellis Ross! Her hair is always so beautiful! My friend says her hair is fluffy, but I love fluffy! lol. I can not wait until my hair gets to the length of hers! I love her  beauty, bouncy, shiny mane! Her roller set hair, her braid outs, and her natural curls! I truly believe by the end of the year, I'll be there!



Hello Beauties!

 I have been deeply in love with this lip glass from MAC Cosmetics by the name of Oh Baby. I love the name too(hehe). But the color is divine! It stays on forever! Its not like a regular lip gloss. It is a little thicker. I love make up, but Oh Baby, has to live in my make up bag, forever! I am so happy that it is a regular item and not a special edition because I loves!

Confidence is the Key!

Hello All!
  I am in a place in my life right now that I have never been. I love myself more now than ever! I think about my past when I hated myself. I hated looking in the mirror, I hated taking pictures, I tore up all of my prom pictures because I thought I looked horrible! I hated God because I thought he put me in a position that was worse than others. I had an eating disorder for a while. I remember throwing up all of my food when I ate it because I didn't want to gain weight. Sometime I could go days without eating a thing. I tried to commit suicide and I was a cutter for a while. But I thank God that I do not look like what I have been through! I think people wonder why I intertwined my love for fashion and beauty with my love for God. It is because I would not have love for myself which includes my love for fashion and beauty if it was not for God! I do not want people to think I am preaching all of the time but in order to love other people you have to love yourself!
   I know a lot of guys say that they are attracted the most to confidence. I didn't think guys looked at me because I thought that I was ugly. But guys didn't look at me because I didn't love myself. It was evident. But though it all, I am working on my confidence, and my self-esteem. I am happy with life because I am happy with me. I don't care if I never have 1,000 followers, I know that I love me!
   I said that to say, love yourself, write down positive attributes about yourself, look in the mirror and brag on your beauty because you deserve it! Dark, Light, Brown, White, Love yourself! Because God made you beautiful!
Much Love!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Driving Down the Street!

Hello All,
   I don't know why but I decided to post a random post today. I have been so busy lately sometime I feel as if I have no time to think So while driving in my car I think. I think about my day and how God has blessed me throughout my life! I think of life decisions, how my husband will be, my future and my past. After all of the good, the bad, and the ugly thoughts and memories. I yet thank God!


Monday, May 9, 2011

The Right Frames For Your Face Shape 8-)

Hello Dolls!
 I know that summer is approaching and everyone is starting to break out the shades!  Everyone knows that different people have different facial shapes, and different hairstyles, makeup, and glasses flatter each of them.  So I have come up with a guideline for you to find your most flattering pair!


For the ladies with a round face such as myself, try square or rectangular frames, This will allow you to balance your face. Try your best to avoid round frames, this can make your face even more round!


For those who have a heart shaped face try round frames.


Rounded frames will soften your jaw line. Wrap Styles and Aviators are great styles!


Oversize, round, or oval pairs that will give you proportion. Try to avoid, small thin, and narrow frames which will make your face appear longer.


You lucky sun of a gun! You can wear what you want! Oval faces are said to be the most desired shape because it is so proportioned! You can wear what you want , When you want, wherever you want!

I hope and pray you all find what you are looking for! Have fun shopping!


$1 Dollar Quick Fix: Baby Powder

Hey Guys,
   I was reading my favorite magazine, People Stylewatch, and saw this an flipped! Baby Problem as a big problem solver! You can use it for a variety of things such as; Getting rid of greasy hair: Just Sprinkle into roots and brush through! Thicken lashes: Use a brush or fingers to apply a bit to lashes before mascara. Remove Sand at the beach: Dust it onto your body and easily wipe away sand. Soothe skin: Use it to calm your skin post-wax Freshen up: Apply it to your feet or underarms to absorb moisture!
   All of that for a dollar! I guess I can save some of my money for gas now...(haha). This is your quick beauty tip!


Au Naturale Lip Gloss: DIY Lip Gloss!

Hey Guys!

  I am starting to embrace DIY, and also Natural beauty products. A while back I decided to do a post on getting rid of dry lips, and I thought that this would be appropriate to follow with. Here is what you need:

 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel
1/8 teaspoons of Vitamin E oil
(if needed) a small amount of lip stick.

 Simply mix the aloe Vera and Vitamin E oil together until smooth. If you want to make it into a custom color just simply add a small amount of your fav lipstick. That's it! Have Fun!


Dresscue Me!

Hey Guys!
 I have totally fallen deeply in love with this new show by the name of "Dresscue Me" on Planet Green. It premiered April 19th, and I just caught the show las Tuesday, I again I say I am in love! It follows self taught designer, Shareen Mitchell, a woman who knows how to rescue a dress! She has two retail shops on the east and west coasts which specializes in vintage wear. I am gonna be glued to my TV every Tuesday now (which is when it airs, at 10:30 pm ET). I hope you all will be watching with me!

Here is a clip of this fabulous show!

God Bless!

I Feel Horrible!

Hello everyone!
  I took a long break this will never happen again!
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