Sunday, May 11, 2014

Church Girl Chic: Style Star Sarah Jakes

If you do not know who Sarah Jakes is, I will take the honor of introducing you to her today! Sarah Jakes is not only the daughter of world renowned Bishop T.D Jakes. She is a mother, a speaker, and now an author of her new novel, "Lost & Found". Although she is creating such a great name of her own and is such a beautiful woman of God, she has one thing that church girl chic loves and that is her own personal style! Lately Sarah has been promoting her new book and she has been doing it wearing her best threads! Sarah has a very stylish, fun, fashionable, sophisticated yet age appropriate style. Here are just a few of her looks that were to die for!

I am so happy for Sarah and all of her accomplishments!! She is such a beautiful person inside and out. If you follow her on her social media accounts, she tries to mention where her pieces are from!! And make sure you pick up her book "Lost & Found". A book review of her book will be coming soon!  Follow Sarah on :


*Photos are not property of Church Girl Chic. Photos are property of Sarah Jakes.

Much Love and God Bless!


ABeautiful LittleBlog said...

What a beautiful lady, thank you for the knowledge. I really like her style... thanks for providing her facebook and instagram, I'm definitely following.

Ashley @ A Faithful Passion said...

She dresses soooo pretty!

Blaze Ann Carbonell said...

I love the midi skirts!!

-Blaze Ann

ChicBrie said...

Yes she has one of the best personal styles I have ever seen! Thank you ladies so much for commenting! God Bless!

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