Monday, May 9, 2011

Au Naturale Lip Gloss: DIY Lip Gloss!

Hey Guys!

  I am starting to embrace DIY, and also Natural beauty products. A while back I decided to do a post on getting rid of dry lips, and I thought that this would be appropriate to follow with. Here is what you need:

 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel
1/8 teaspoons of Vitamin E oil
(if needed) a small amount of lip stick.

 Simply mix the aloe Vera and Vitamin E oil together until smooth. If you want to make it into a custom color just simply add a small amount of your fav lipstick. That's it! Have Fun!



Anonymous said...

Hey doll! I'm a fan of DIY too! Hair products, food, arts and crafts..u name it! I need to try this recipe out. Thanks chica!

ChicBrie said...

You are very welcome! I am a big DIY girl! I am gonna try to post more!

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