Monday, May 9, 2011

$1 Dollar Quick Fix: Baby Powder

Hey Guys,
   I was reading my favorite magazine, People Stylewatch, and saw this an flipped! Baby Problem as a big problem solver! You can use it for a variety of things such as; Getting rid of greasy hair: Just Sprinkle into roots and brush through! Thicken lashes: Use a brush or fingers to apply a bit to lashes before mascara. Remove Sand at the beach: Dust it onto your body and easily wipe away sand. Soothe skin: Use it to calm your skin post-wax Freshen up: Apply it to your feet or underarms to absorb moisture!
   All of that for a dollar! I guess I can save some of my money for gas now...(haha). This is your quick beauty tip!



Ashley said...

Yasssss hunnie! I love baby powder. I've heard of using baby powder in your hair. How well does that work on "our" type of hair though?

ChicBrie said...

I love it too.l I put in on my skin after I take shower. I live in Michigan and it is the hottest in June that it has ever been! I am sweating like a sinner in church! lol. But yes you would have to do it after you wear your hair straight for a while and it gets heavy and greasy. And just comb it thorough. Thank for the comment hun!

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