Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"Women who wear black lead colorful lives!"
-Neiman Marcus 2008

Hello All!
  So many women think that wearing black is meant to depict a certain attitude or feeling. But black is so much more than wearing a big black hat with black shoes, black shades, and a black dress to a funeral. In 2008 Neiman Marcus had an advertisement which stated that "women who wear black lead colorful lives". However, how do you wear black? Black is known to many to slim problem areas on the body, however, what do you pair black with? Can everyone wear a all black? That is the question! 
  Black is not a color for every woman to wear near the face. For women with pale skin, it is said to look very unforgiving. Black is a color that could be paired with warm and cool colors!  Just because you have pale skin does not mean you can not wear black.  Wearing a brighter color if worn on top creates a more befitting look. 

These two looks that I saw on from the Spring 2012 Cyntia Rowley show are great examples. These are two very beautiful models with pale skin. The dresses that they are wearing )which are lovely by the way) add a bit of contrast with the black which creates a beautiful look! Also because they are pale the dress has a lower neckline so that it would be perfect for any woman that wants to wear this dress.

The little Black Dress
The little black dress which is a fashion staple can be worn so many ways! 
1) With colorful shoes to add excitement to the ensemble!
2)Mixing it with white
3) Add interesting jewelry 
4) Add a blazer

Black is one of my favorite things to wear! I think I wear black almost every day and some way or another. All you have to do is know how to wear this color and you too will be able to lead a colorful life!



Shante said...

love the Kim K look you posted and you have some great advice for jazzing up a simple dress.

Thanks for following!

ChicBrie said...

Thank you so much! Thank you for commenting! I love her style!

MissKroberts said...

Black on Black is so versatile! You can dress it up or down... make it look sophisticated and chic without really doing much at long as it's not faded though! lol I love it!

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