Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Eye Make up Remover!

Hello Guys!

  I had a problem a while back. My little niece came into my room and poured out my eye make up remover! I did not know what to do because I do wear waterproof mascara (which is hard to get off!), eyeshadow and eyeliner. I called my friend in a rampage because water and soup just was not getting in off. He recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
  Before I started my nightly face regimen I took a small amount of EVOO, and saturated a cotton ball with it. I proceeded to wipe my eyes of the makeup that had been on my eyes for hours! And guess what????? It came off! Yay!!!!!! This method of make up eye removing worked for me. It was effortless and aided in nice and clean eyes for bed.

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