Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Breaks You Out?

Hello All!
  I was just reading this months issue of Glamour Magazine and came across the beauty section which talked about clear skin! Everyone loves clear skin, however, many of us do not know why we can't have it. Skin breakouts are caused by a variety of factors and I am going to list a few for you all riiiiight now!

1)Prescription Drugs: SOMETIME- "Some anti depressants and ADHD medications list acne as potential side effects".

2)Dairy: MAYBE - "Thought to trigger high levels of growth factor called IGF-1)" Try soy milk! Yum!

3)Your Phone: YES - "A phone can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean it regularly"

4)Stress: NOT REALLY - " Stress alone probably isn't enough to cause acne, but it can make those who are predisposed to pimples flare up."

5)Your Cranky Stomach: YES- " If you have irritable bowel syndrome or a frequently upset stomach, see a gastroenterologist-your skin could clear up too."

6)Makeup: YES- "Look for the words noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic"

7)Trans Fat: YES- "Known to trigger inflammation, which can cause breakouts."

8) Chocolate: JURY'S OUT-" Resent data suggest the culprit is not cocoa but sugar. Go for dark chocolate; it's less sweetened.


Much Love and God Bless!


Desmond Collins said...

Say it isn't so I love my milk, but if it's coming in between my clear skin deuces 2%. Lol. Hello almond milk!!!

Miss Dre said...

Wow! I never knew that dairy and an upset stomach could cause breakouts! Thanks for sharing this info!

ChicBrie said...

lol@ Desmond, you are silly! haha. @ Dre yes! Go and check out this months issue of Glamour!

Chic Therapy said...

i see so many things on this list that maybe triggers my acne!!hmmm

ChicBrie said...

YES!!!! So many things!

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