Monday, November 19, 2012

How to stay stylish yet comfortable over Thanksgiving Break!

Hey guys,
  Ever wonder how to stay comfortable over Thanksgiving break? I know so many people that get so consumed with cooking and preparing that they forget that while also being comfortable while engaging in the activities of Thanksgiving you can also be very comfortable. How you may ask?
1) Wear flats instead of uncomfortable heels or boots.
Ballet Flats, Oxfords or Loafers are all very comfortable shoes that will allow you to stand for long periods of time but allow you to still look stylish! These flats are from target!

2) Wear simple tops with prints or embellishments
Add some style with your comfort! The cross sweatshirt is from Nordstroms and the embellished sweater is from zappos.

3) Opt for colorful jeans instead of the party dress
You can find colored denim anywhere now a days! You can pair these jeans with any kind of shirt and still look very stylish!

4) If you want to dress up..GO PEPLUM!)
Peplum is so huge right now! This cute shirt is from Urban Outfitters!

5) Accessorise!
Watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces all allow you to have fun with your style and stay in comfort!
The watch is from Micheal Kors. The peter pan bib necklace is from ASOS.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Lisa said...

Flats are my absolute favorite shoe to wear.

Kenzie Leigh said...

Cool post love those loafers and cross sweatshirt!

Audrey Masitsa said...

Hi, I like your tips. So much emphasis is given to wearing heels and dressy clothes and none at all to comfort. We don't celebrate thanks giving in Kenya but this is applicable to all the celebrations during the Christmas season.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following you on Bloglovin and Facebook.

Mens Fashion said...

I like the entire collection especially the tops with prints because its quite unique and very beautiful. A lot of thanks for sharing with us...

Liz Jumah said...

This is very beautiful.
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Waqas Khan said...

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Anonymous said...

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vanessa mercado said...

Great post! Hope to see you in my blog real soon! I'm your follower!
Kisses from VV!

Christine T. Hathcock said...

The watch is so lovely!

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