Monday, November 5, 2012

My new love: Online Shopping!!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies!
  I am back with my first official post! Since I have been gone I have not had a lot of time to do a lot of things so I discovered "ONLINE SHOPPING!" I promise you, if you do it once, it starts to become an addiction! I love it and over the course of this year I have come across a few boutiques online where I have bought things from and also where I plan on buying some goodies from. Online shopping is so convenient especially if you have a busy schedule such as mine. I have compiled a list of a few online boutiques which I love love love! I hope you guys love them too!

Rebel Royal Boutique
An up and coming boutique that has a lot of trending fashions in stock! The accessories in this boutique is what I love the most! They have a lot of statement jewelry for those risk takers out there! I love this bib necklace  that seems to be a very popular item on the site.

Rebel Royalty Boutique

Mimi Boutique
I love this online boutique because it offers a wide variety of merchandise for different types of customers. This online boutique also offers a lot of trending items at very reasonable prices!

Mimi Boutique

Lola Shoetique
One of my recent finds that I think is going to be my all time favorite is Lola Shoetique! They have a plethora of shoes for every occasion and season! If you want wedges, booties, stilettos, flats of riding boots, they have it all for very very reasonable prices!
Lola Shoetique

Have fun shopping!! Stay tuned for an upcoming 30 day weight loss challenge to prepare for the holidays!

Much Love and God Bless!


Timeka Winters said...

Yes mam!!! Online shopping can become an addiction!!! Ima have to check these sites out!!!

Kenzie Leigh said...

Lol im the same way with online shopping..smh such a bad habit

Ashley said...

I love shopping online as well...
Thanks for sharing :)

ChicBrie said...

I do not know why I just started online shopping this year! lol. I love the convience of it all! Thank you for commenting!

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