Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hello All!

  I told you in my last post to stay tuned for my weight loss challenge and here it is! I had to wait until I was mentally prepared to do it because it is really hard to lose weight when you are not mentally ready. (Just being real). I wanted this 30 day challenge to kick off my healthy lifestyle. I wanted to extend the invitation to all of the readers of Church Girl Chic and Brielle Chic.
  My Goal is to lose a pound a day for 30 days. Now I know that it will be difficult but I am ready for the ride and I hope you are as well! So you may be is she going to do this? Well I have devised a plan of attack against the fat!

1. I plan on getting 6-8 hours of sleep everyday! I want to be well rested and enough sleep helps fight against weight gain!
2. I plan on eating 5 small meals a day (Three meals Two snacks)
3. I plan on doing a 30 minute cardio session and a 30 minute circuit training session and the morning. In the evening I plan on doing my Insanity workout!
4. Drinking water is going to be very important for me during this weight loss challenge! I am planning on drinking 10-12 cups of water a day (80-96 oz.) I will not drink pop, carbonated drinks or artificial  fruit juices. I will have my cup of Joe and drink tea as well.
5. I will not have any sweets during this challenge! Remember it is good to allow yourself a cheat day. However, because I am trying to lose a pound a day I will not add any sugar to my daily diet.
6. To stay committed to this challenge I plan on posting updates on the blog, on the church girl chic facebook page, twitter and on instagram @crystalbrielle. Instead of posting before pictures on the blog I plan on creating a video to explain the challenge for whoever wants to join me.

This Challenge will begin on Monday November 19, 2012! Join in the fun!

Much Love and God Bless!

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