Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Denim Purse

Hello Dolls!

 I had a little project that I created last night. I had a old pair of jeans that were too big for me and I decided to make a denim purse from the jeans. Here we go!!

Pair of Jeans

1. Cut Jeans right across the crotch of the jean

2. Turn inside out and pin the bottom of the purse to prepare of sewing

3.Begin to sew across with needle and thread, after threading begin to thread again going the other way

4.Turn right side in and begin to add the chain and flowers ( I made them from the left over denim and black ribbon.) You can add whatever you want, fabric paint, broaches, pins, anything!

5. And Voila! A new denim bag that you did yourself!

Have fun with your bag!



Ashley said...

Oh wow, where do you get this idea? Love it. Would you be interested in doing a guest blog for my blog www.glamnolabelz.com on a Fashion-DIY
If so please email me at glamchicwithus[at]gmail.com

ChicBrie said...

Sure I will email you ASAP! I have so many DIY lined up to post! I have just been super busy I never had the chance! Thank you~

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