Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Boyfriend Blazer "Cuff"

Hello All!
 OK, I know that in past post I have mentioned that I love to thrift and last month I found an 80's/90's style blazer that I had to have! (I have a million black blazers) so I had to make this one different. After I altered the jacket to modernize the fit of the jacket I wanted to add a cuff. I bought about a half of a yard of lace fabric for something else and I thought that it would be perfect for the blazer. The instructions are going to be below.
What you will need:
A blazer
Needle, Thread, and Bobbin(if machine sewing)
Fabric of your choice (I decided on a black lace)

1. Turn the blazer inside out.
2. Take the fabric of your choice and wrap it around the sleeve of the blazer to get an idea of where to cut the fabric.( Make sure that it is not too much or too little fabric because this can cause the cuff to look like a five year old made it and that is not cute. he he.)
3. Pin the fabric around the edge of the sleeve to secure the fabric.
4. Began sewing the fabric onto the edge of the sleeve.
5.After the fabric is sew turn the jacket right side in and cuff the fabric and Voila! A custom made cuff for your blazer!

Have Fun!


LA Lynn's said...

Great Job Crystal!!!! Too bad I don't have a needle & thread bone in my body! lol

~Can't wait to see you wear it. Have a wonderful weekend!

ChicBrie said...


Mbabazi said...

this is a clever one,id like to add red lace or something to one, thanks for the tip. nice blog

Cherrie J. said...

This is great! I recently got a lot of blazers through thrifting and was thinking of ways to revamp them!

You have a very lovely blog by the following :). Check mine out sometime if you wish.

-Cherrie <3

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