Friday, June 24, 2011

Fresh Face Thurday: Natural make up look

 Hello All!
 The past few days have been hectic!  I live in Michgan and we have been having horrible thunder storms the past couple of days with 60 mph wind! So needless to say my curly hair was under a And my make up was very natural. Today I used little to no make up for a fresh faced look! I did a  very pink/ nude look which I love!

On My Face:
Foundation: Black Radiance
Cheeks: Maybelline Mineral Blush
Lips: Scottish Lilt Lip Glass by MAC
Lashes: Maybelline XXL Mascara
Eyeliner: A cheap works)

Since it was so humid today I kept it very simple! 
P.S found out how I made these earrings click HERE



CocoagirlD said...

Love the look sometimes less is more and looks nicer shows your true beauty.. girl you have some nice hair and what is the color of the maybelline blush i am on a blush kick lol Thanks for sharing have a great weekend..

Kurve' said...

loving your cheap eyeliner...child please..whats the difference between the $1 liner and the $100 liner..nothing at all.. :o)

Anonymous said...


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