Saturday, June 18, 2011

Single & Loving it?????????


Question?????? Is their such thing as single and loving it? I have been single for almost 2 1/2 years and I can assure you, I am not loving it. I can admit, their was a time when I felt as if I didn't need someone in my life because I didn't like myself. I loved no part of myself, and let me tell you guys something, if you know of someone who feels like that, or you fell like that yourself, please do not enter any type of relationship, because you will settle, and once you settle, the relationship becomes more about keeping that person. And that is a sad feeling.

I know so many ladies talk about, " All I need is my girlfriends," or " I don't need a man to complete me," or my favorite, "I can do bad all by myself". It is kind of amusing because I did feel this way once. Although I do not need a man to complete me now, it would be nice to have a companion. I go everywhere with my friends, and sometime I do not like "hanging" with my friends. Now that I have found who "I am", I love myself, I am working on myself, I can say that I am indeed "Single & Loving it...but!!!!!! I would like a boyfriend I am waiting because I know that God is the best match maker <3
Much Love!


Virtuousbeauty said...

Yes I've been single for four years now -__- lol and that's absolutely due to my unwillingness to compromise my faith or settle.God is the best matchmaker and he does have that special person out there for me and you :)

Rose from Rosedale said...

I understand what you are saying. I was single for two years. I used that time to fall in love with me and become 100% so that God could prepare me for my other half. I have recently gotten engaged and I am so happy. Be patient - it will happen and when it does you will be prepared because it happened on God's time!!

lots of blog love xoxoxo

Ashley said...

My girls & I had this conversation. I seen a girl post on Facebook saying "Single & loving it" we all know that's a lie. But I do think it is important to use what we call "Me time" aka I call "Down time" to get to know what YOU want, and to love yourself like Rose said. I think it's important going into a relationship with no baggage, self love, etc. I talked about some of this in blog posts from my personal blog. I have faith that God has a great man out there for me.

ChicBrie said...

Thanx for commenting! It feels good to get others thoughts about something!

B' Moure said...

I've just come to a time where I feel this way as well. I been single for about 2 years and I'm pretty happy. But now that I'm figuring out what kind of person I am, I am starting to desire a better half. There is nothing wrong with wanting to hold hands, or someone to watch a movie with, or simply a nice dinner and kisses on the forehead *obviously these are things I want LMAO*. Anyway, I understand you completely. But at this time we have to be patient and wait for the right one.

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