Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nab some dollar store deals:Beauty on a budget

Hello All!
  I know that many many fashionistas, make up addict, etc. can not always shop at high priced department stores for their clothes and make up. That is where thrifting comes in handy with the clothes, but what about beauty products, such as make up or shampoo. THE DOLLAR STORE! Here where I live we have a wonderful dollar store that carries awesome beauty products. I purchased Maybelline there! (When some retailers need to get rid of extra beauty products, they sell it to discount shops). But you do not just want to buy any old thing from the dollar store because the stock can be old, but follow these guidelines, and grab some awesome deals!

1. Only buy products with a seal- You do not want to buy anything if it is not sealed. It may have been opened, tested, and that could cause bacteria. 
2  Stock up!!-. Always purchase nail files, clippers, scrunchies, mirrors, sharpeners,etc you can have a limitless supply with it only being a dollar!
3.  Try elf- I went to my dollar store and saw elf cosmetics! they have brushes, eye shadow, liners, and glosses for only a buck!! (Not all items are a dollar visit their website.) It is a great brand to use for the recessionista! 
4. Shake, Shake, Shake- Pressed powders can be broken shaking and dropped during the storage process, so gently shake the powder close to your ear to ween out the broken ones. (You will hear the broken pieces) this will also work for eye shadows!
5, Try DIY- I know everyone can not afford to go out and purchase whats trending, so what do you do? Do to the dollars store and make your own!  They have headbands, glue, pins, etc. to make the perfect accessory!

I hope you find these tips useful! Have fun shopping for a dollar!
God Bless!



Dreek♥ said...

LOL@ Recessionista..classic..But I feel yah!! and E.L.F is the quick come up for cosmetics at a low price. Also, I love going to Dollar Tree for their polish, it's the bomb.COM. Family Dollar also has a lot of name brand cosmetics for the L O W.


NRC♥ said...

great ideas hun.

J'Adore Fashion said...

Great idea..,love the lipsticks!


Chic Therapy said...

I use ELf brushes!!Love them

Indira said...

Thanks for following! I love this post! I am cheap so I do often get my makeup at the dollar store, these tips were really helpful.

-Happy Hunting!


Gbemisoke said...

Very useful tips! Especially about shaking the products. Never thought of that.

Thanks for dropping by my blog :o)

Ju'lia said...

Love the post. I nominated your blog for an award. Please stop by for the details

Ag said...

I have been seeing E.L.F. around I will give it a try in the near future

ChicBrie said...

thank you guys so much!!!!!!!@Gbemisoke@ you are very welcome! I enjoyed the blog hun! @Dreek, yes Family dollar does! lol, @ Ju'lia, Thanks so much honey I will take a look right now! I am so excited!

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