Monday, June 27, 2011

Love your Shade:Dark vs. Light Skin

Hello All,
  I was having an awesome conversation with one of my best friend's and her mother and it was about dark skinned women and light skinned black women. As you can see I am a dark skinned black woman, and my friend is a very fair skinned black woman. (So their was no bias in our conversation). I was offended when we were at church and a preacher told a young man that he was going to have a beautiful woman which was going to be light skinned and had long hair. I though to myself, is that what beauty means to some black men? I look at some black celebrity men, whether they are athletes, actors, etc., and wonder, "is that beauty to black men? Are black men only attracted to some black women if they only have fair skin? I always hear dark skinned girls saying," she thinks she is all that because she is mixed, or because she has light skin." And I have also heard that dark skinned girls are; ghetto, have nappy hair, or "good for nothing". Crazy, right?

    I did some research and the whole light vs. dark skinned problem started back in the days of slavery. Skin color was used as a tool of separation between the field workers and the house maids ( a product of the master and a black slave). But why is this state of mind existent in the 21st Century? I remember dating a Caucasian boy the summer after high school, and he told me that he couldn't wait to have light skinned children (YES HE SAID THAT) that looked like me. But I am not light skinned I am dark skinned. Little did he know I hated being dark skinned back then so that relationship soon fizzled away stemming from that statement. but now I can say that I love the skin that I am in and I know God made me beautiful(Psalm 139:14).

  I said all of that to say this. Love the skin that you are in. In times that we are in today we all, white, black, yellow, blue and green, should understand no matter how God made us we all are beautiful in his eyes and so should we be in ours!
Here are a few beautiful dark and light skinned black women that I admire for my own reasons

Much Love &God Bless!


Chic Therapy said...

I cant believe a preacher would say that!SMH. Truly, i am tired of this whole Light skin vs dark skin, it is such a shame that in this day and age we are still on this issue!!

Expressions said...

OMG! That was rude what the preacher said! My friends and I have this convo every once and awhile. Most of my black friends are medium to dark skinned and I will admit we seem to blame the lighter black women for our singlehood (but its not their fault, we're just!). However, reality is men like what they like! Some men are going to prefer the lightest black woman, or the darkest. At the end of the day love knows no color. I wish people would realize that...smh!


Tilly said...

Until we renew our minds with the word of God,this is always gonna be an issue and we'll pass it down to generations after us.We need to love and appreciate people irrespective of how they look or their ethnic background.

lil miss Sauniya' said...

i love this post!!
Preachers are still human like us, i guess he just described what for him is a beautiful girl.. bad that he is thinking that though, he is meant to be an example.
I really don't like this dark vs light skin controversy. I wish there could be a way of eradicating it completely.
Every skin is beautiful!!

ChicBrie said...


CocoagirlD said...

Amen honey, i too didnt like my skin when i was younger i was the darkest out of all my siblings and my mom and dad booth are light, but my mom once shared with me that she wished she had cocoa skin like me it was richer and more smoother so she said not sure if she was just trying to make me feel better.. but ive heard her say that on more than one occasion. This is terrible that we do this to our own times ive heard family members older ones say oh thats not his baby cuz he is to dark?? what we come in many shades and it often goes back to those whom came before us that we take after it just surprises me to this day how far people go with it this. Every shade is beautiful thats what makes us all beautiful that we are all different and uniquely made..

ChicBrie said...

Thanks for commenting @cocoagirlD, every shade is beautiful!

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