Monday, October 13, 2014

The Church Girl's Guide to Fasting Day 5: Prayer

Lord, I pray that you continue to encourage and strengthen the readers and supporters of Church Girl Chic. I not only fast for me but I am fasting for them. Open doors of opportunities for them that no man can shut. Allow them to walk in your purpose and continue to be the light that you have created us to be Open our hearts to want to please you. Move our hands lord to do your work. Allow blessings to flow into their lives like never before. Continue to allow the dreamers to dream. Allow the visionaries to open their eyes to the vision that you have given them. Touch their families and their personal lives. Only you know what they need Lord. Let your will be done in the lives of the Church Girl Chic supporters. Lord as they seek you allow shackles to be broken. Deliver them from the things that is not like you. Live in their hearts Lord, so that they may continue to love you. Thank you Lord!


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