Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Church Girl's Guide to Fasting Day 8: Prayer

    Father today I pray for the strength of the women and supporters of Church Girl Chic. I pray that the weak may say that they are strong. With every step that they take give them the strength to know that you support each step that is taken. Strengthen their minds to know understand that rejection from man is not greater than acceptance from you. Whatever they may be going through, give them the strength to overcome. Your words says that we are more than conquerors, so father give us a conquering spirit. A Conquering spirit that may allow us to continue life no matter what comes our way. We thank you for open doors. We thank you for paved journeys. Father we thank you for this new found strength that you have bestowed on us. Lord we love and thank you.  In Jesus name we pray. Thank God.



Anonymous said...

This was such a blessing! God Bless you !

ChicBrie said...

Thank you! God bless you too!

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