Monday, October 6, 2014

What is "The Church Girl's Guide to Fasting?"

    When you think of fasting, what comes to your mind? Giving up your noon day lunches with your friends? Passing on the pizza that you eat with your family on the weekends, For the longest time, I believed that fasting was simply giving up food because the pastor organized a corporate fast for our church. However, as I have matured in my faith I have come to realize the importance of praying and fasting in my own walk with God. When a person engages in prayer and fasting, they are engaging in spiritual warfare. Some demons are more resistant than others. When we add prayer and fasting into our lives we are adequately preparing ourselves to engage in that spiritual warfare. 
    This 10 day fast is something that God put on my heart to share with the readers of Church Girl Chic. I believe that fasting is not something that a lot of people engage in or even know anything about. I believe that God is going to do something great in the lives of each and every person that joins in on this fast. From 12 midnight until 12 noon, I will be doing a total fast ( no food or water). I will do a Daniel's Fast in between ( only fruit and veggies for food. Water for your beverage.) If you want to add fish, I believe that it will be fine. *Remember it is not just about the food but the consecration of our flesh. 

Day 1: Will explain the biblical principal of fasting outlaying the spiritual as well as the physical benefits of fasting.
Day 2: Fasting Journal Entry 2. Will also explain the types of fasts
Day 3: Fasting Journal Entry 3. Day three will give biblical examples about fasting.
Day 4: Fasting Journal Entry 4. Devotional
Day 5: Fasting Journal Entry 5. Prayer,
Day 6: Fasting Journal Entry 6. Why should we add fasting into our lives.
Day 7: Fasting Journal Entry 7. Devotional
Day 8: Fasting Journal Entry 8. Prayer
Day 9: Fasting Journal Entry 9. Fasting Testimony
Day 10:Fasting Journal Entry 10. How Fasting will impact you life forever! 


  • Try to refrain from anything that will distract you ( Certain types of music, tv shows, etc.)
  • Have a Journal handy to write down your feelings and experiences each day. You will find it easier to search for scriptures each day doing this because you are reading about the things that you endured that day.
  • Choose a fast that will challenge you. Remember we are consecrating our flesh!  I will be doing a total fast from 12 midnight to 12 noon each day while doing a Daniels fast in between. 
  • Remember to add prayer and scripture reading into your day to day activities. 
  • Keep it focused on your relationship with God and watch God work! 
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Much Love and God Bless!!



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Great Job Crystal

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Awesome post!

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