Monday, July 18, 2011

Challenge Day #1, Week#1: Cleaning my Temple!

OK Guys,
 I'm back! And today is day one of my weight loss journey! I am so excited about doing this because it is allowing me to clean my temple and create a healthy lifestyle that I have been eager to have! I know I said that I wanted to start last Monday but things got a little differed because I wanted to start on a Monday (which is what the plan recommends) and I couldn't get all of my food until last Wednesday. But I am here and ready to start my journey with you all! Like I said in the last post I am doing the Micheal Thurmand's "Six Week Body Makeover", and like I said before, I have tried it and it works!
  This custom body program  is like having a nutritionist and a trainer at home (but without all of the pushing, nagging and stuff! lol, that you have to do on your own!). This program gives you an assessment and by answering the questions truthfully it assesses what type of body that you have and the program has a custom eating plan for you.
  I have an Endo-Meso body type which is a body that has retained lean muscle but has a slow metabolism. With the lean muscle; as I start this program and my metabolism begins to speed up, the muscle tissue that I have already retained under the fat will easily burn the fat! So because of that I have to eat lean proteins (fish, chicken breast, etc) Here is my custom eating plan.

2 0z. protein 1/2 cup of fruit
Mid Morning Snack
2 oz. protein and 1/2 cup of fruit
2 oz. protein 1/2 cup of fruit and 1 cup of Veggie
Mid Afternoon Snack
2 oz. protein, 1/2 cup of Carb
2 oz. of protein, 1/2 cup of carb, and 1-2 cups of veggie
PM Snack (optional)
1/2 cup of fruit

Now this is the gist of what my plan looks like but the plan that I am on gets very specific on what kinds of protein, fruits, veggies, and carbs I should eat! That is what I like about this program because the foods that I have to eat are going to be the correct foods to help me lose weight, and fast! Because I will be eating the correct foods to speed up my metabolism!
  The program also gives me an exercise program that I should do. So I have to get started on that today! I am so excited about starting this program! I feel better already! I am going to try to post my before picture and measurements later on today! Pray for me guys! Because I am going in! :)

If you have any questions just leave me a comment, of email me (my email is in the contact info ^ ) I am also going to be posting weight loss tips throughout the time that I am on this program and I am also keeping a weekly journal on the blog! I pray that you all decide what is a good program for you and begin to get healthy with me! you really do not have to start a challenge, just eat right, you know!
Much Love Guys!


Expressions said...

I wish you the best!!! I need to be doing this with you, I have a goal of 15lbs before the fall semester starts. So I think you'll be my motivation to really make this happen! You're starting off great, keep up the good work!


CocoagirlD said...

I so wanted to try that .. I have to do something soon cuz I have gained the lil weight that I loss right back and I want to get back to my skinny thick size (well a healthier size where I dont feel sluggish all the time) Good Luck thanks for sharing Im going to use some of your meal plans too.. I just didnt have the money to invest in the Micheal Thurman plan..

enybees-hub said...

Ride on babes,I wish I can join ‎​you BUT.......later!!!

ChicBrie said...

Thanks it has been going great! I a about to update in a second!

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