Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two in One week! Oh how I love Awards!

Hello All!
 I know I posted about getting a blog award (my 1st) but I got another you'll!  I feel so honored! Two lovely ladies giving me a blog award. This one was awarded to me by Andrea at So she writes. Go and  check out her blog about fashion, beauty, and life. Thanks girl!

15 Random Facts about Muah!
1. I have a low tolerance for pain
2. I am working on a very short
3. I spend a lot of my day watching Nick jr. with my neices ( I am watching it now)
4. I love pretty little liars!
5. I have not kids
6. I live with my daddy :-)
7. I have never been out of the continent!
8. I am Fashion merchandising & marketing major
9. I collected bears until I was a teenager!!
10. I am currently writing a self help book
11. I am so forgetful
12.I am a preachers kid
13. I love jazz music
14.I  have a lot of jeans but only wear my favorite 3 pair!
15. I love to smile! :-D

Awarding this award to...

The rules:
-link back to the person who passed you the award
-share 15 random things about yourself
- award 7 blogs 
-drop a note to tell them about it
 Thanks Girl!


CocoagirlD said...

Congrats on your awards honey boo I know u deserve them.. wow some intersting facts i love getting to know more about people cant wait to hear more about the book and you go Girl!..lots to be proud of.

Miss Dre said...

Ur welcome hun and I enjoyed reading your facts!

LA Lynn's said...

WOW!!!! U must be doing ALL things right because I awarded you on Tuesday with a Lovely Blog Award. I thought I told you but it may have slipped right pass me. U deserve it!!! *Congrats*

Lovelyladyjb said...

I have awarded you with the Best Blog Award! :) - I see you got it a couple days ago :(

Ronesha said...

Congrats on the award!! I will posting SOON! THANKS!!!

leather and lollipops said...

Congrats and thank you!!!

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