Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where I have been, and a word of Encouragement

Hey Dolls!
 I just wanted to say sorry for not posting the last week and a half! Life is taking a turn for me that I did not expect. Not a bad turn but a really good turn. I have gone through a lot in this season of my life. I had a sickness that arose my freshman year of college that forced me to drop out for a couple of years, I gained a lot of weight, everything just happened in a matter of 4 years. But God is turning it all around! That is why I have been so busy! (Laughing) I just wanted everyone to know just to keep the faith! Keep striving towards your dreams, keep working hard, and never give up! I wanted to give up but I didn't! I am still standing, and because of that I am standing strong and victorious! I am back..(ha ha). That's why I talk about God so much because he has done so much for me :-).
Okie Dokie!



Nic said...

LOVE this post and i too LOVE the Lord. you have a follower indeed! can't wait to see and read more.


ChicBrie said...
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ChicBrie said...

I love your blog! You are stylish girl ( That is coming from a curvy chic girl to another..lol. Thank you so much! I love God with all of my heart and soul! He is wonderful! Thank you again!
God Bless!

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