Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot Shoes in Bags for Spring 2011

 I just got the April 2011 edition of People Style Watch and it is just divine! It had a section in it for this issue that I totally needed and it was the trending shoes and bags for Spring 2011. Now I think that I have a little time to shop seeing that I live in Michigan and I still see that white stuff by the name of snow on the ground, but Spring is indeed here and I want whats hot! We are going to start with shoes. So many are in style this season and I could not wait to share with you guys my favorite ones!

Platform Wedges

Boho Sandals

Bright Shoes

Low Heels

Wood Soles


These are a few of my favorite shoes that I saw (some were in the issue, and some I found on the net) Aren't they just darling? Another shoe that they had was color blocking which is a neutral shoe with a color blend but I could find one on the net that I liked and I got tired of looking for one (ha ha) ok next are hot bags for this spring.

Saddle Bags

Perforated Bags

Back Packs

Tall Totes

These are awesome too,right? They also had polished satchels, and mini bags (I don't do mini). As you purchase your bags pretreat the leather and spot treat the canvas and/or fabric. This may also go with the shoes, because it will carry you throughout the entire season!
Okie Doke!
Peace and L <3 VE!


Inquiring Mind said...

Loving the shoes......Great Post

ChicBrie said...

Thanx hun :-)

I'm Just Me said...

love the wedges!!! very chic!!
thnx 4 leaving me a comment :)))


ChicBrie said...

Thanx! You are welcome! You have a nice blog my dear!

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