Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ICE COLD!!!!!!!!!!!

I love having having hair and beauty regimens and one thing that I have in my regimen is Water. I drink about 100 oz. of water a day ( two 50 oz. bottles.) Water helps everything in your body. You can not go more than 40 days without water. It helps maintain clear skin, and a lean body. But it also helps with two other things that have nothing to do with health. I use cold water for my hair and to aid my drying nails.

I have natural hair, and a very important element in natural hair (curly, kinky, coiled, wavy, not chemically treated hair) is moisture. Moisture is the key to beautiful healthy curls. And cold water helps with that. Cold water can be used in two ways. 1) After washing hair in the shower- After you wash and condition your hair, or co wash (conditioner wash) rinse your hair with cold water to seal in the moisture from the conditioner and/or deep conditioner. This will aid in preventing breakage at the ends of your hair. 2) While styling after washing your hair- While styling your hair after washing do not comb or brush your hair! After you apply product to your hair, scrunch your hair with a cold towel to define curls and prevent frizz.

I love to do my own manicures and sometime when I am in a rush I smudge my polish because I don't allow my nails to dry completely. Then I found out about the cold water method. It takes about 20 min for nails to dry, however, to speed the process up, run cold water over your nails, or put your hands in a bowl of cold water. This will aid in drying your nails.

This is my first beauty tip and I hope you lovely ladies enjoyed!

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Rose from Rosedale said...

I am going to try this and challenge myself. wow 100oz wish me luck :)

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